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An intensive focus of this Firm is on brain injuries.  The lawyers of The Bowling Law Firm have frequently been called upon to handle cases invovling brain injury from a variety of sources.  Many of these cases involve anoxic damage in the medical malpractice context.  Additionally, a violent motor vehicle collision, equipment falling on a construction site, or a fall due to a slippery surface can result in a violent blow to the head of the victim. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often the result of these accidents.

The firm has the experience, resources, and desire to provide representation in traumatic brain injury cases.  The firm has developed an extensive network of experts in the fields of life care planning, neuropychology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, neuroradiology, vocational rehabilitation, and economics to help prepare the firm's brain injury cases for trial.

Louisiana and Mississippi Brain Damage Attorneys

At The Bowling Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, we are an AV-rated* personal injury law firm focused on litigation of complex brain injury cases resulting from:

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Our attorneys are experienced in complex litigation involving the field of medicine and the science of injury. They frequently handle cases involving brain injuries and maintain a thorough knowledge base of the disciplines involved in severe brain injury cases.

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